Controversial far-right figure Katie Hopkins has been dropped from Big Brother VIP Australia 2021 before filming has even begun.

 After posting a public video of herself in hotel quarantine in Sydney while “hysterical from jetlag”, she was ordered to get packing and leave the country

The 46-year-old was contracted by Channel 7 to appear on the spin-off reality show, which will also star Caitlyn Jenner as a contestant.

In the rant, Katie got a bit racy.. saying she wanted to rush to her hotel door while stark naked and without a mask and scare the hotel quarantine staff members who’d be serving her food.

She also said she wanted the police to “tell her off while she’s naked and standing there”. Classy.

Katie also began mocking Australia’s hotel quarantine rules, which require people who are quarantining to wait 30 seconds and wear a mask before accepting meals left at their door

If you have no idea who Katie is, she won the UK Apprentice back in 2007 and afterwards became a media commentator, however, her time in the public eye has not been smooth.. 

During her time in the public eye, she has blatantly called Islam “disgusting”, migrants “cockroaches”, and called for a “final solution” after the Manchester terror attack.

As for her appearance in Australia, Katie had been granted a special exemption by the Australian Government for her ‘economic benefit’ to participate in the show.

Before the video was posted, Katie’s special exemption to travel to Australia from the UK drew criticism from Australians who had missed important family events overseas because of strict visa protocols during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Channel 7 moved swiftly after Katie’s rant was posted and issued a statement confirming she had been dropped from the show due to her ‘reckless’ and ‘irresponsible’ comments in hotel quarantine.

The next day Australia’s Home Affairs minister, Karen Andrews told ABC Radio National the Immigration Department had canceled Katie’s visa and they wanted her out of the country, stat.

“As soon as we can possibly have her out of the country she will be gone… I don’t have specific flight details of her flight but she’s certainly on my radar to make sure that she leaves as soon as we can possibly have her out of the country,” she said.

We are yet to see another rant from Katie Hopkins since the decision was made, but it’s only a matter of time.