While the ladies have been getting the lay of the land on Farmer Wants a Wife, it seems one farmer just wants a lay, with harsh accusations flying around social media detailing that the youngest of the bunch, 24-year-old farmer Sam Messina, isn’t actually a farmer at all!

Whaaaat?  Lying to get on reality TV for clout?  Nope, never heard of it.

The beloved reality series introduced Sam as a sheep and crop farmer from Canowindra in New South Wales but when teaser videos were posted to TikTok before the show’s premiere, the comments section fired up.

“There’s a reason he’s single,” one user cryptically typed, while another claimed that the farmer is actually a truckie from Sydney who borrowed his brother’s farm to get on the show.

“He’s a truck driver who works for the same company as my husband,” she wrote, and thus, we will only be referring to the truckie-turned-farmer-turned-reality star as Sham from here on out.

Oh, and as if faking a farm isn’t bad enough, Sham allegedly also had a girlfriend while filming Farmer Wants a Wife too, so… there’s that.

Tea! Is! Piping! Hot!

Sham hit back at disgruntled viewers with an Instagram post addressing the rumours, stating that the farm he’s at the helm of on the show is “a family farm”.

“I have a partnership with my brother and I never once claimed that it is explicitly mine,” he wrote.  “I drive trucks as a second income and that’s never been a secret.”

Okay Shammy, then why didn’t you tell us that on the show????

He also told viewers that it’s “not in [his] nature” to go through the motions of the reality show while having a girlfriend: “I went on this show to experience life and love and form new connections.  I could never do that to someone and…to myself.”

A So Dramatic! source has also shared that it’s not just Sham who’s a phony farmer — apparently Farmer Rob has also been playing make-believe!

“That is not Farmer Rob’s farm they all got together on,” the source claims.  “I know because I used to work on that farm.”

OMG!  This drama just gets better and better!

Also emerging from Farmer Wants a Shag is a scandal no one saw coming — contestant Hayley, who was matched up with Farmer Matt, has allegedly not only been knocking boots with another farmer, but she’s is also said to be knocked up with a little cowboy (or cowgirl, we don’t discriminate here) of her own!

Word on the street is the 25-year-old personal assistant got down and dirty with Victorian farmer Will after filming a group date and holy sh*t, is this going to make one explosive reunion episode!!

So while these farms shut up shop for the reality TV season, we’ll be thinking of the girls who put their lives on hold to find love, only to discover there’s more than one type of pig on the farm.

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