In one of the most explosive So Dramatic! interviews ever, Bachelor Australia 2020 evictee Nadine Kodsi goes completely rogue and reveals the real reason she left the mansion.

Wasting no time, Nadine spilled every last drop of tea from her season with Locky Gilbert, even going so far as to say he was a “puppet” and fed lines by producers through an earpiece.

“They didn’t show the part where the producer came in and started telling me ‘stop going around to the girls and telling them that production is trying to turn them against each other’, and that was the catalyst for me leaving,” Nadine told the So Dramatic! with Megan Pustetto podcast .

Another bombshell she dropped revealed that contestants weren’t fed while shooting — well, that would explain poor Zoe-Clare McDonald who was left throwing her guts up! Paramedics were also called and they believed she got sick from mixing medication with alcohol on an empty stomach. 

While producers said they were monitoring Zoe-Clare, Nadine admitted: “There’s no fricken drink limit. They have nada, it’s just all for show.” 

According to the rogue contestant, the other girls from her season had to cut her from a WhatsApp group chat because they thought she was leaking information, however, that didn’t stop her from dishing the goss that she obtained while she was still in the group! 

Apparently, the other girls called Locky “dumb”, saying he was only there for fame and the whole show was set up. Escandalo! 

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